Can Humans Ever Have A Tail?


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Well, sort of.  Not that it would help you balance in trees be used to swish flies away.  But babies have been born with some sort of spinal appendage that certainly looks a lot like a tail.  Usually these appendages are only 2 inches long or so.  One Indian baby has a 4-inch tail.

The real debate is why, and what does it mean?  Several documented cases of babies have been cited as evidence of the Theory of Evolution.  Why else would it happen, unless genes persist in our heritage that come from long ago when we were monkey-like creatures?

Creationists have gone into up uproar about this.  They view the occasional tail as nothing more than an abnormality, like cleft palate or club foot.

The one definite thing is that tail on baby usually means a lot of money for parents.  In the developing world, these otherwise healthy and seemingly normal children become instant religous and sight-seeing attractions in their local community, and sometimes further afield.

In the Western world, a tail appendage would normally be removed before school age.
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No but we have a butt.

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Well we do have a tail bone which means we have a tail but it is not long enough to stick out of our bodies.
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I dated a girl in tx and was having sex with her we will use the hypothetical name cinthia . When I repositioned her face down, she had an approximate one inch long half dollar sized tail stub that had obviously bobed. This is the honest truth
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People can hqve tail but not long 1s its a birth deformation in the tail bone that makes it about the length of a dobermans tail after its been cut off

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