What Is The Life Span Of A Palm Tree?


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Considering that there are thousands of species of palm tree in total, it’s very difficult to get an accurate life span for these different deviants of plant in one swoop. However, we can tell you that most coconut palms will be growing an average of 20 in for the first 40 years that of their lifespan, while remaining alive for a further 60 years after that. When you think about it, that’s quite an impressive feat considering how grand these trees are.

The reproduction cycle is another thing that varies between date and coconut palms, both of which bear fruit. Date palms are likelier to become active just five years after they begin to grow, while coconut palms may only begin to blossom and flower after 10 years. Once this process is out the way, up to 80 coconuts per year can develop and fall from these palms. Sumptuous!

What many people don’t realise is that coconuts actually have the potential to go on an elaborate journey of up to four months before they settle at their final destination. They can even survive seawater, ending up many kilometres from where they fell from the tree. On the other hand, dates have a specific season for production in the autumn from around August to November. Whereas the fruit will begin to grow and turn green in September, they won’t properly become ripe and ready to eat until the following month. The life span of the fruits on these palms is far different to that of the trees!
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Palm is the most common and extensively cultivated plant and is found throughout the tropical region. There are numerous kinds of Palm trees and their age depends on their type. The normal Life-span of a palm tree can be up to 150 years.
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Around 150 years!
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Life span is the period between birth to natural death.

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