How To Calculate Speed Equation?


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Distance divided by time equals speed
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______    =speed   

  bacicly speed is distance divided by time.... YOSHI IS PURE   EPICNESS
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The speed equation in mathematics is as follows;
Speed = Distance/Time.
Speed when changed into vector quantity which is velocity, becomes;
Velocity = mass x acceleration.
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After school,Dora usually walks 30 minutes to the bus terminal, which is 2700m from the school. Dora's walking speed is?
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The equation for speed is distance/time... Or /_\(delta)t. There is no equation for velocity because it is speed. In fact, the scientific symbol for speed is v.
-The amazing 7th grader (don't judge me!)
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Chosen by Voters speed = distance/ time

therefore time = distance divided by spped

64 divided by 20 = 3hours 12mins

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