How To Calculate Market Demand Curve? I Need An Answer Fast Please. Thanks In Advance


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The market demand curve is the horizontal summation of individual consumer demand curves. Within this there are three determinate which are important in calculating market demand. These are:

  • The number of consumers
  • The distribution of taste amongst consumers
  • The distribution of incomes among consumers of different tastes
All these three data will be very helpful in calculating the market demand curve. When you actually get round to calculating the curve remember to make it horizontal to allow adding in of extra factors and to accurately show demand. When adding in data, individual data should be added to the curve to give the results a more accurate and concise set of information.

  • Equation
To calculate market demand curve you will need an equation which you will either be given or have to create to suit your data. Either way this is vital in calculating the curve. This equation will mean that you can alter data and still be able to work out the new demand curve.

  • What is a market demand curve?
A market demand curve is used to calculate how much demand there is for a certain product or service in the market. This done by analyzing the target consumers, finding out what they like and what they have already and drawing up a market demand curve to see how much of a demand the product or service has in the market and whether it would be something that would sell well and make money.
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You need an equation for that one. Example . QD = 100 - 5P. Something like that. Then you'll get the market demand curve. Oh, you need the price as well.
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You should have the price of commodities and also the quantianty of output
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If market demand is =100 then the price = 6

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