Explain Why The Conversions In The Metric System Are Easier To Make Than Conversions In The US System Of Measurements. Please Show Or Explain Your Reasoning With An Example?


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The metric system is based on units of ten, but the US system of measurements is not.
  • Metric units
The metric system is based on tens such as milliliter, liter, kilogram, gram, centimeter and millimeter. For example, if one goes from centimeter to meter to millimeter there are changes of ten units. In the metric system one either multiplies or divides by ten to arrive at the new conversion.

  • US system
The US system is not as friendly as the metric system because it is not based on units of ten. Length is a good example of what is meant by this. When you have inches converted to feet it is a unit of 12. There are 12 inches in one foot. If you want to convert feet to yards then you have to know there are three feet in one yard.

From the explanations of each system, and the examples, it is easy to see why the metric system is easier. It is based on units of ten, but the US system is not. Depending on the length one converts to or other type of measurement the units between them are very different.

A foot has 12 inches, but going from feet to yards you have to have three feet to make a yard. It is harder to remember the differences to equate to the new conversion measurement than it is in metric.

Most people are able to remember the difference of ten in the metric system a lot easier than they can the US. This is why the rest of the world tends to use the metric system. The US system is only used in the US given its difficulties.
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Explain why the conversions in the metric system are easier to make than conversions in the US system of measurements.  Please show or explain your reasoning with an example

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