Why Are Computers Bad For Society?


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The main reason computers are bad for society is that they provide a means of communication that doesn't involve people meeting up and acting as a local community. Computers globalize a variety of aspects, including societies; individuals no longer only have their local neighbors and friends to talk to. This can lead to people in society becoming isolated and feeling low. It isn't fulfilling to communicate across the Internet. What's more, many scientists and psychologists believe the use of computers and social networking sites can change how the brain functions. This could be unhealthy in the long run, particularly for those of the younger generation; their development is highly likely to be affected.

  • Social networking websites
Social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are considered by many to be the main culprits. They allow friends and even individuals who have never met in the real life to interact on a daily basis, via status feeds, instant messaging and even video chat. As people have the opportunity to socialize conveniently online, they are less likely to arrange meetings with friends or attend social events. It is easy to see how this can prevent younger individuals from developing good social skills. In addition, those who don't interact much online may feel friendless and lonely, despite the fact that their 'friends' who seem to constantly socializing are in fact just using their computer to create this image.

  • Internet danger
The Internet and the ease of communication it provides presents a number of dangers, particularly to children and teenagers. A user of a social networking site could quite easily create a 'fake profile' in order to communicate with others by imitating someone else. They could even ask vulnerable people to meet them, which could lead to children being led into considerable danger. Parents are advised to monitor their children's online activity carefully to avoid this situation.

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