How To Wire Lights On 36 Volt Ez-go Golf Cart?


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• It's fairly easy to rig up lights on a 36-volt EZ-Go Golf Cart; this type of golf cart features a cigarette light that can be used as a power source for a new golf cart light. To add lighting, split the wires and put clamps on each wire; then use the clamps to attach the wires to the battery terminal.

• You may need a volt reducer to make this plan work; these golf carts generally have 6 batteries, and these batteries may not function properly if you don't add a volt reducer.

Adding a light to your golf cart can be a great way to enhance visibility while you ride around on grey days, or at night-time. If you're not comfortable with wiring and working with electricity, you might want to find a friend who is handy with that stuff to help you out. If you need expert assistance and no friends come forward, hire someone to do the work for you. A mechanic or electrician can probably get the job done within an hour, and they probably won't charge a fortune, either. This is a simple job, but it's not for everyone.

Remember that retrofitting your golf cart may affect its warranty if the warranty is still running. Making changes to a golf cart may void your warranty, leaving you out in cold if you have other problems with the mini-vehicle. If you enjoy tinkering around with machines, and you love tweaking your ride-on golf cart, by all mean, buy a few basic supplies and begin this DIY project. Just be careful when you're working with electricity - it really is more dangerous than it seems to be. Obviously, hiring an electrician is always the best strategy. Once your golf cart is outfitted with a light, you can use it at different times, and get more out the machine. Although the light you choose should not suck too much power from your golf cart, a smaller, bright light that still add plenty of safety features to your golf cart.

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