What Is The Oldest State In United States?


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The oldest state in America is Delaware as it was the first state to sanction themselves in Constitution of the United States.

  • Delaware: Location and History
Delaware is situated in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States just along the coast. The name Delaware comes from an English nobleman known as Thomas West, Third Baron De La Warr, who became the first colonial governor of Virgina. The state itself borders Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As I mentioned above, Delaware joined the United States Constitution before all neighboring states and it became known as 'The First State'. Before this, however, Native American groups such as the Nanticoke's and the Lenape lived in Delaware.

  • Delaware now
The state is known as the sixth most populated and in 2010 it was recorded that around 442.6 people were inhabitants per square mile. This indicated that they were over 300 times over the national average. Once this was recorded, Delaware was noted as the 45th most populated state in America at that time. The majority of the inhabitants of the state speak English however; there are a small minority that speak Spanish, while there are records of individuals with a first language of French, Chinese and German.

  • What is in Delaware?
Delaware has a number of facilities and amenities that attempts to bring in tourism to the state. For example, there are museums as well as parks and wildlife preserves that the public can enjoy, along with lighthouses. Arguably the most famous aspect of Delaware is the twin span suspension bridge known as the Delaware Memorial Bridge, which is recorded as the second longest in the world. However, the state itself does not hold any particular areas designated as national parks or monuments and so on. Neither does it have any national memorials.
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Well, according to, they say that Delaware was the first state to be found

Hope that helps! =)
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Depends. Could be St. Augustine, Florida under the Spaniards in 1513 or Virginia under the English in 1606. Thats a start.....
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I was told connecticut is the oldest state of the united state

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