How Would I Separate Mixture Of Sand, Salt, Iron Filings And Water?


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Filter the mixture, the salt and water goes through the filter paper, the sand and iron filings are left behind, Dry these in a warm oven or leave in a warm place to air dry then use a magnet to separate the filings from the sand.If you only want to recover the salt just evaporate the water off. If you want to recover the water as well as the salt then carry out a distillation procedure.
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First run the magnet (wrapped in saran wrap so you don't get them stuck to magnet) over the mixture and then your left with salt and sand...

Or first you can filter the water and salt, just put filter paper in a funnel and wait for all the water to run through. (let the filter paper dry b/c it has your sand or iron filings on it)

then you put the water/salt on a hot plate and the hotplate will evaporate the water just leaving salt.
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First filter the mixture to separate water salty from the iron and sand. Leave the mixture of iron and sand to dry. Till then separate the salt and water by simple distillation or evaporation or crystallisation. Come back to the iron/sand mixture. Take a magnet and roll it in the sand, so that the iron is attracted towards it and separated from the mixture

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