How Tall Is 60 Inches?


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To find out how tall an amount of inches is in feet, you can divide the number by twelve. This works out to show that sixty inches is accurately five feet tall (60 ÷ 12 = 5); for an adult, this is quite short, but by no means a deformity. Human height depends on all sorts of factors, age being the most obvious, but gender, race, upbringing and genetics, and diet all have an effect. Different heights have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, in certain sports being tall might be a good thing, such as rugby, but being shorter might be better in others, like artistic gymnastics or horse racing. In centimetres, sixty inches is about 152.4cm, so a bit over one and a half metres tall. For more inches to centimetres (and vice versa) conversions, you can visit this website: There are many other length/height conversion sites around too.
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Sixty inches is precisely and accurately five feet tall. You can calculate it by dividing the specific number of inches by twelve in order to know the height in feet.
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5 foot
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5 feet
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I know it is 5 feet because I know I'm 49 inches tall and that's 4'11"
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In relation to cm it is 24cm which not very tall.


2.5cm = 1 inch

60 inches = (60/2.5)cm
60 inches = 24cm

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