How Can I Increase My GFR To A Normal Level?


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Your doctor is the best placed person to offer advise on how to achieve a normal GFR level, your doctor will be able to analyze your individual circumstances and make the most accurate plan of action.EXERCISE AND DIETHowever as with most issues relating to the kidneys or heart there are a number of steps that you can take to stabilize your health. A balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise will always improve your health without having to go to extreme measures or taking 'wonder' cures. A low GFR, is as concerning as a high GFR and the same applies to weight. Being underweight can be caused by a number of issues but is generally related to a lack of nutrition. Losing weight is as dangerous as putting on weight and needs to be diagnosed and addressed. Sudden weight loss or sudden weight gain impact on the kidneys with a good balanced diet able to counter both conditions. A balanced diet will include drinking water which helps the kidneys and improves the digestive system.GENERAL HEALTH
Blood pressure is another aspect of your general health relating to your kidneys with low blood pressure as concerning as a high blood pressure value. Ensuring that you have a good balance of sugar and salt intake will help your blood pressure which will impact on your kidneys and GFR.Increasing your GFR should be one part of your overall health plan. Looking at one issue in isolation is likely to be detrimental to your overall health. By consulting with your doctor, recognizing your individual needs and issues, you can address your GFR concerns and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

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