How Do I Reduce The Size Of Print On My Screen?


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To reduce the size of the print on your screen press the ‘Ctrl’ button and also the ‘-‘ minus button at the same time. The ‘-‘ is situated at the top of the keypad on the right hand side next to the ‘0’. To make the writing on the screen bigger you can also press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ and this will zoom in on the page.
Netbooks and laptops are particularly well known for zooming into or out of the screen at seemingly random times. This usually occurs when the user accidentally sweeps their hand across the mousepad in a certain manner which can happen fairly regularly when using a small netbook whilst typing.
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I Just Fixed My whole pc yesterday b.c it had a virus and when I started it up my whole Screen is huge my taskbar Everything and it wont let me change it what do I do Help
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Go to view in the top of your browser then go down to text size!
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If it is just your Internet Explorer that has large font, go to "View" and edit the font size settings. You can also do this if you are using Mozilla Firefox, simply hold down the CTRL key and roll the mouse wheel up and down. You will see the font change size!
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What do you mean by blow up version?
You need to change your monitor settings. Do you see buttons on your monitor. These are used in order to set the screen mode, colour and brightness. Try to fix your screen with these.
If you can't, then right click on windows wallpaper, and go to properties. Then go to appearances , and you will see , colour sizes, windows and buttons and font size. Set the font size to normal level. And click ok.

Hope this works. If not, then you need to change your monitor, or reinstall the windows.
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In the top right corner is the box next to the X It is the expand icon.Or maybe lower right corner there is a magnifying glass, should be set at 100%
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My print on my computor has gone really large how do I reduce it back to normal size help

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