How To Pick A Lock On A Gun Safe?


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How you pick a lock really depends on the type of lock you're trying to force open.

If you're dealing with a pin-and-tumbler lock, you should be able to pick it open using a pick and tension wrench.

Picking the lock on a gun safe In all honesty, it's impossible for me to tell you how to pick a gun safe - because working out the design of the lock is fundamental to picking it.

Safes can have a number of different locking mechanisms. Even if you're dealing with a fairly straightforward key lock, it can still fall into one of the following categories:

  • warded
  • lever
  • pin-tumbler
Other types of lock include:

  • combination locks
  • electronic locks
  • bio-metric locks
Getting into a gun safe Also, I'd like to think that most Blurtit users would feel slightly uneasy about helping someone force entry into a gun safe. Guns are kept under lock and key for a good reason!

If you're the genuine owner of the gun, shouldn't you have access to a duplicate copy? At very least you should be able to contact a locksmith to help you!

If the gun doesn't belong to you - then I'd recommend you take a moment to consider why handling a gun isn't such a bright idea.

Video games and TV programs might make weapons look glamorous and fun, but there's nothing glamorous about someone losing their life.

Every year, nearly 9,000 people die from firearms related violence across the United States.
Do you really want to add to that figure?

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If I knew, I wouldn't tell you on a public site like this - this information could be misused.
You'd better find the keys or disable the safe.

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