How Much Does 1/3 Plus 1/4 Equal?


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What does 1/3 plus 1/4 equal?

Adding fractions is really very easy when you learn the method, but the thing to remember is before you add them they need to have the same bottom numbers (denominator)

Working it out

To add 1/3 and 1/4 as fractions we need to find a common denominator (the bottom number) so we would times 3 by 4 which is of course 12
now that we have done this with the bottom we need to do the same with the top numbers - so we need to times the 1 (of the 1/3) by the 4 (the denominator/bottom number of 1/4) this is of course 4

so our 1/3 is now 4/12

now multiplying 1 (of the 1/4) by the 3 (the denominator/bottom number of 1/3) we get 3 of course.

so our 1/4 is now 3/12

we can now add 4/12 and 3/12 to get 7/12

As a decimal

if you wanted to figure it out as a decimal 1/4 is 0.25 and 1/3 is 0.33... Reoccurring (the 3 repeats for ever as the 1 is split by 3 endlessly) so rounding it to 0.33 and adding that to 0.25 we get 0.58

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