Can You Convert Total Dynamic Head Into Psi For Me?


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When speaking of Dynamic Head, for those who are not aware, the term is referring to pressure as related to the pressure a column of water would exert when at the same height. Head pressure is usually measure in feet, so to convert,

1 foot of head = 0.433 527 502 pound/square inch

If you are given head pressure in other units, convert to feet first in order to use the conversion factor above.
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What you need is a pump that can produce 5 x15 = 75 gallons per min at whatever total dynamic head (thats static pressure + dynamic (water moving) pressure) .... Do not buy the biggest pump as this will put out too much so bu one that fits your system. If your tubing runs are short and you are using plastic pipe dont worry too much about calculating the static pressure just add up the pressure of the spray in your case you need a pump that will run 75 gpm at 25 psi...The websites I gave you may have what are called pump curves that plot total dynamic head (pressure) against flow and some may also have efficiency on there as well choose the highest efficiency pump for your pressure and flow. If you are need to know more about mm to cm conversions then use this Conversion Calculator.

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