What Is The Proper Finger Position For Typing?


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The correct finger position for typing starts with hovering the hands above the home keys: 'A', 'S', 'D', 'J', 'K', 'L' and ':/;'. This is the standard position you should always start from because it's easy to reach all of the other keys on the keyboard from here, an area we call the 'home row'. Pretty much every other alphanumeric key you'll need to use - be it on a desktop, laptop or notebook computer - will be easy to access with your hands resting on the home row, so it's important that you remember this basic technique.

Another important thing to remember when perfecting your typing technique is to use your entire hand span to tap various keys. Similar to when playing piano, you need to use all of your fingers - not just the index finger of both hands. The most efficient of typists are able to use near enough every finger on a specific section of the keyboard. To make this easier for yourself when learning how to type properly, think of the keyboard in front of you as being sectioned off into color-coded zones. These zones are vertical columns which slope slightly to the right as they go across the entire keyboard. Each zone is attributed to one finger: Starting with the little finger of the left hand all the way over to the little finger of the right.

In the correct typing position, your thumbs should share a role that is somewhat different to that of your other fingers: Pressing the space bar. With your eight fingers and thumbs, be careful not to overstretch to reach a key and avoid excessive bending at the joint. Move your hands as appropriate to make reaching various keys easier for yourself and practice this to build up your confidence and speed.

There are many typing tutorials online which list various activities for you to try that will get you typing using the correct hand position. Poor hand use when typing results in a condition called repetitive strain injury (RSI) developing, which can be painful and restrictive over your ability to type fluently and with accuracy. The key to your success when typing really is practice, so do as much of this as you can to perfect your technique.
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Right hand: Left hand:
-pointer=H - pointer=F
-middle=J - middle=D
-ring=K - ring=S
-pinky= L - pinky=A
- thumbs=space bar
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Proper finger position for typing?
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There are a number of sites that are helpful for people who want to learn the correct style of typing. The link below gives details about the correct finger position while typing.
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Normally a typewriter should can use 10 fingers for typing, when you get used to using  them then you can type quickly and correctly too
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Use the bbc site and look for 'dance mat typing' which teaches children how to touch type - it's brilliant!
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I recommend you login to to learn keyboarding lesson. Its lesson is easy to understand and its really nice. My 8year old son even learned to use the proper keyboarding with the use of the keyboarding lesson in alison.

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