What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Man?


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The question itself is confusing. There are two possible answers according to interpretation.

The first is with regards the advantages and disadvantages of a MAN network. A Metropolitan Area Network is one that spans a city or a campus; some take up an exceptionally large area. The advantage of such a system is that LAN networks can be integrated all under the MAN network as a whole interlinking system, but the downsides are that the system requires a lot of cable connections to be made. Add to that that a large network requires high maintenance, and because of the size it is difficult to ensure system security against hackers or industrial espionage.

More likely is that the question meant "What are the advantages and disadvantages of mankind?" The first advantage is that you are here to ask that question. Mankind has the capacity to speak, think, act and has a whole wealth of intellectual and conscious decision making abilities. As a species we don't particularly cooperate better or worse than other species that are deemed more primitive, but we are capable of coming together where necessary. Quite possibly the biggest advantage of mankind is our evolution. We are the dominant species. We have the science, the technology, the advanced social groups, and the communication. We walk on two legs and we are dexterous.

Disadvantages would be mankind's tendency to fall into conflict with other races or factions of some sort. Conflict tends to be an undercurrent throughout human history, showing that we are not so elite just yet. Other disadvantages would be our inferior physicality in comparison to other species. We're generally not as strong as gorillas or as fast as cheetahs. We rely on tools and invention to tackle challenges.

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