Is There Any Danger From A Thorn Prick From A Bogen Villa Plant?


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The thorns from a bougainvillea plant are toxic and you should try to avoid contact with them. Although they are toxic they are not fatal and you should not worry too much about the consequences of getting pricked by one of these.

After being pricked by a bougainvillea thorn, you will get a rash and there will be a lot of pain and swelling in the area that the thorn pierced the skin. Although there have been no fatalities from this kind of thorn prick and you shouldn't need to go to a doctor or hospital, you should take care of the area and if there is anything irregular, do seek medical advice from a professional.

You should try to keep the area clean after being pricked by one of these and follow the following advice;

  • Use wet bandages and dressings to keep the area clean and cool. This will help with the pain and the swelling.
  • Use hydrocortisone cream to reduce the swelling.
  • Keep an eye on the rash that develops and make sure that you seek medical advice if this rash develops into a rash that you have never experienced before.
  • Remove any thorn that may still be in your skin. Do this using tweezers or anything similar that you may have.
The bougainvillea plant is a part of the rose family. It has thorns and it also produces very beautiful purple flowers in the spring and summertime.

It is a common garden plant and used frequently by landscape gardeners to fill out space as the bushy plant grows quickly but is also easy to tame and manage, you just have to make sure that you are wearing gardening gloves.
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Bougainvillea thorns are actually tipped with a black waxy substance which can easily be left under the skin after you have been pricked. Although they aren't "poisonous" they are toxic.

Best thing to do is get to a doctor as it can worse if not treated. Depending how far along you are and whether there is an infection, you may need antibiotics.
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I stepped on a thorn from a bougainvillea 5 weeks ago. It was a dried clipping ready to go in the garbage. After 5 weeks- it had not healed- a large ball developed at the site with a lot of pain. I went to a foot surgeon and was immediately taken for surgery. Aside from being toxic- you can also develop staph or even sepsis from this... It is to be taken very seriously. After a very expensive surgery- a lot of pain- and 6 weeks to recover... I will think twice about walking barefoot anywhere near a bougainvillea! If you are pricked- definitely see your doctor!

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