Can O-positive And A-positive Have A Child With O-negative?


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Yes, it would be possible. If you have an O+ parent and an A+ parent the possible blood types for their offspring would be:


If you want to calculate possible offspring blood types depending on the parents blood types, you can go here.
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The ABo system and the rhesus group are two distinct groups.    As both these parents are positive ,the only way they can have a neg. Child is if both these parents are carriers for neg (To be neg you need two copies),which means that neither of these parents are pure breeding for their pos.groupings.   For a child from these parents to also be o (as well as neg. ) the A parent also needs to be a carrier for the o allele.   O is the recessive condition and neg is the recessive condition too.
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O positive plus A positive=o negative?
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Yes, a 25 percent chance of having a child with type o negative
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The negative rH is possible if they are carriers of the negative rH factor. Both of my parents are positive while my maternal grandmother was negative. I and my little brother are both A- while my mom is O+ and my dad is A+. However, I think that since O means there are no "proteins" (or whatever it is that makes O's A's and B's) the dominant gene would be the A so the child could be born A-.
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Yes, but who wants a kid with a multiple personalities.

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