What Is The Investigatory Project Of Grass Charcoal And Firewood?


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The investigatory project of grass charcoal and firewood is undertaken in many American high schools. The simple scientific experiment shows how charcoal can be made from grass, and burned as a fuel just like charcoal and firewood is. The experiment is quick and easy, with almost guaranteed results.

• How grass charcoal is made

Grass charcoal is made using ordinary grass and weeds, which can be taken directly from the ground. For best results, typha grass should be used. The grass is burnt, a process which should take a number of minutes. The burnt grass residue is then added to dry clay and mixed. Proportionally, 85% of the mixture should be burnt grass; the other 15% should be dry clay. Once the two substances have been mixed, water should be added until the mixture clumps together.

Once this mixture has been completed, it must be left to dry. Most schools undertaking the project leave it outside in the sunlight. Alternatively, artificial drying machines could be used to speed up the drying process. Once the mixture has dried, you have your end result: Grass charcoal ready to be burnt like an ordinary fuel.

• Grass charcoal in the real world

In some countries, grass charcoal is regularly made. Many African nations make grass charcoal as a method of getting useful fuel. As they have both grass and clay in abundance, and the process is simple, Africans have the materials and the ability to make grass charcoal. They can then use the grass charcoal as a fuel for cooking and keeping warm in the night. Countries that have access to other types of fuel would not opt to use grass charcoal under usual circumstances as it takes time and energy to make. It is also inefficient compared to the gas and electricity available in the households of most developed countries.

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