What Is Information Technology (IT)Role In National Bank Of Pakistan?


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Information Technology is important in most sectors of business, and it's importance in the banking sector is just as important. This would be no different in Pakistan, where banks are just as important for financing business and personal consumption.

The main factors that make information technology so important in the banking sector are:

• Speed
The speed in which transactions can be carried out has increased dramatically since the introduction of information technology into the banking sector. Payments can be made online, and this speeds up the process of receiving money into accounts. Whereas before a payment would normally be paid by check, which could take up to seven days to clear into an account, now payments can be received into accounts and cleared on the same working day.

• Accuracy
The accuracy has increased as transactions are generally saved onto computers and they can be checked against previous transactions to the same company. Specific transactions can be searched using different fields and this enables banks to see the state of customers' accounts at a quicker speed than before.

• Cross-checking
The fact that different fields can be searched in customer accounts, means that cross-checking can be easily done, whereas before, checking could have taken some time, due to the amount of paper in use for any transaction.

• Trust
The trust in information technology was low at first, but is now on the increase as people become used to the technology and the way it affects them. People are becoming more comfortable using the new facilities, such as Internet banking, available to them.

• Awareness
People are more aware now about fraud, due to the rise of the use of the Internet, and are more likely to take measures to protect themselves and their identity.
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What is the scope of bs in IT? Plz tell me what shud I do coz am very worried about my bs in IT
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Information technology with reference to computer associated pursuits is a wonderful development of the recent past. The most peculiar point about this technology is that it is not the developed worked specific field only. Its hardware component no doubt is an area which is concerned to the industrially advanced countries. Third world countries which are not that much technology advanced can equally get benefit from it economically if they develop their human resources to cater the need of the computer world.

North America and Canada are the countries who require computer experts and they keep search for their employee through other countries as well. India has catered the needs of these big markets of USA and it is providing major resources to develop their human resources so that they can serve the needs of the customers in a better way. Though Pakistan is the late comer in this field but the IT industry of the Pakistan is moving up gradually and there is constant rising demand for the Skilled Human resource. The government is also emphasizing to provide opportunities to its people to train them for this software market. So IT plays an important role in the development and progress of any country.
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Information technology is playing a good role in National Bank of Pakistan as the bank has converted it's operations and working online.  IT is now known in many fields which not only means computer based information systems but also electronic communication. The professionals in National Banks now working hard and doing data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of entire systems. For more information about IT, visit the link below.IT Role In NB
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We want to present that what is the role of information technology in the banking sectors specially in nigeria
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Well IT has a very much influence in the development of Pakistan or any other country. It can make mast of the things perfect.
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With the start of 21st century, there were so many revolutions in the field of IT in Pakistan. This revolution has done a very important role in the development of Pakistan. In every field of our life IT has given new dimensions to every field.In the medical field, the advancements are mind blowing, the development in this field gas given many facilities to ordinary man.

In the engineering field, the computerized machines, and new equipments has given a new revolution to the engineering field.In the defence systems, all the new sophisticated equipments and highly demanded equipments has given a new strong strength to the military and defence field.In the field of architecture, IT has changed the view of our life styles also give revolution to the buildings with new architectural designs.

Because of the revolution in the IT field, Pakistan's economy is emerging very quickly.
Also the development of IT in the education field doing so many changes, and giving new dimension to education field.The development of IT has given new ideas to our nation, the new and stunning thinking, the people minds are becoming vast and open, and also giving new dimensions to every fields.
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That’s about the same thing as asking if either red or green is the best color.

It all depends on multiple things.

What is it that you are looking for? As soon a you worked out the things you need/expect from an online payment, then you can start comparing.

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Saima Ali answered boosts the an important factor for any country...enhancements should be ultimately adapted smoothly.
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What is the scope of bs in information technology .plz tell me am very worried about my future coz am doin bs in information technology .can I easily get a job after doing bs in information technology
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Well now internet is playing a major role every where not only in Pakistan but every where in the world. The most famous now a days is e-banking which means electronic cash transaction. Now one can take loans, buy and sell things with the help of online banking. Other things which you can do are

  • Internet banking.
  • Electronic payments.
  • Security investments.
  • Information exchanges.
People can now check there balance and can even ask for bank statement online.

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