What Is Canada's Country Code?


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The first thing to note when calling abroad is it is not as simple as just dialing the country code, then the phone number you have been given. This is because different countries have been settings for calling abroad. This will also vary for different mobile phone operators.

Country codes can be found at All you have to do is fill in their form as to where you are calling from and where you're calling to. It also gives instructions for the specific dialing order you will need, as well as area codes for major cities.

It says that the country code for Canada is 001, so to call from the United Kingdom to Canada you dial: 001 + area code + telephone number. To dial from the United States the 001 is replaced by 0111.

One thing to bear in mind is the extra charges that will apply when you call abroad. It is best to check with your phone suppliers to find out how much these will be.
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The Canadian country code is +1 or 001. You need to dial it before any other number code and then make a call.
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What is Canada's country code for people in ireland
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If your friend is dialling from India to Canada they would need to dial:


first, as the international dialling code for Canada is +1.
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I take it you mean phone ?
Dialling from is 011 - Canada
Dialling to is 1 -Canada
Dialling from 00
Dialling to 91

So 001

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