Is The Atom The Smallest Unit Of Matter?


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Matter is known to be made up of a molecule which in turn consists of a number of atoms. And atoms in turn are made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. Resent studies indicate that atoms are not the smallest unit of the mater.

Larks and leptons are the particles which physicists think form the basic building block and they even think that something smaller than them can also become possibility. For that purpose research is still taking place. For more information on atom
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For a long time it was thought to be. An atom is the central part of an atom that comprises the neutrons and protons that make up the atom and give the nucleus a positive charge. Negatively charged electrons orbit this nucleus, giving the whole entity an overall neutral charge.

The nucleus was discovered by the New Zealand born physicist Ernest Rutherford in a series of elegant experiments at the turn of the twentieth century. He finally made his analysis complete in 1911 after passing alpha particles through gold foil and seeing some of them bounce back through 180 degrees.

Rutherford described the discovery as finding that firing a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper produced massive defections. He realised that these bounces were caused by the alpha particles hitting the dense nucleus of the atom and coming back on themselves.

We now know that there are various other subatomic particles apart from the neutrons, protons and electrons that Rutherford realised made up the atoms – quarks neutrinos and many others. This field of physics is still evolving rapidly.
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Yes the atom is the smallest unit of matter
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Yes it is the smallest unit of matter y'all!!!!

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