How Many Stars Does The Hercules Constellation Have?


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I'm afraid I can't give you a straight answer to this question, because the precise number of stars in the Hercules Constellation is subject to debate - but most astronomers agree that there are somewhere  between 14 and 22.

Background Information About Hercules
Hercules can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, and is considered a large constellation. It was first recorded by Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer, who was writing in the 2nd century.

Hercules is the fifth-largest constellation, but doesn't have many truly-bright stars, which I think goes some way to explain the debate over the actual number of stars that the constellation contains.

In modern times, the constellation came to be named after the Greek hero Heracles (which in Roman mythology, translates as 'Hercules'). The name refers to the image formed out of the star constellation, which resembles a figure standing over a slain dragon, while brandishing a club.

The Hercules constellation currently contains 14 stars with known planets. However, planets are being discovered all the time, so this figure is subject to change.

There are a number of constellations directly bordering Hercules, including:

  • Draco
  • Bootes
  • Corona Borealis
  • Serpens Caput
  • Ophiuchus
  • Aquila
  • Sagitta
  • Vulpecula
  • Lyra
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There are actually 29 stars in the constellation Hercules.
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