How Do I Measure One And Seven Eighth On A Ruler?


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Look at a ruler or tape measure and between 0 and 1 you will see several marks these are called GRADUATION marks. These marks have different heights. Most rulers have 16 marks between the 0 and the 1 inch mark. They are the shortest and these 16 marks represent 16th's of an inch. Find the 8 next longest marks between 0 and 1 that are of the same height that you only have 8 of and these will be your Eighths.
So to answer your question would be to tell you that the one in your question is 1 inch or 8 eighths. So you need these 8 plus 7 more 8ths to have a total of 15 8ths or 1& 7/8ths inch on a Ruler.

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