I Have A Septic Tank, Is Banking Soda&vinegar Safe To Use In Maintaining My Septic Tank?


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Our recommendation is to flush a package of brewer's yeast (as in -baking a loaf of bread - yeast) for each toilet you have in your house, EVERY month to maintain good flora in your septic tank; especially if you use bleach in your laundry. Bleach kills the good flora (good bacteria) you need in your tank to help break down the solids that can ruin a septic system. So, for pennies a month you can save thousands of dollars in premature repairs on your septic system. And the best tip in the world to maintain your tank and septic fields, is to PUMP out your septic tank every three to five years. If the solids spill over into your fields, it can damage your lines. So, hire a reputable contractor in your area and have them pump out your tank.
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Yeast is the worst thing to use in your septic, it cakes up around the top and does not keep the tank flourished with bacteria.You need to use a product that is all bacteria to properly maintain your system. I use Activator 1000, it contains 100% bacteria and costs about $ 4.00 per month to use. Here is the 800 # you can order it from: 1-888-577-0074.
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