One Degree In Latitude Is Equal To How Many Miles?


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The most common way to locate the points on the surface of the earth is by the geographic coordinates called latitude and longitude. One degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles.
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The length of a degree of latitude (north-south) is about 60 nautical miles, 111 kilometres or 69 statute miles at any latitude.
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It is roughly 60 nautical miles (nm) between degrees of latitude, and the same between degrees of longitude at the equator. Lines of longitude come together at the poles, so the distance between them varies with latitude. It is approximately 60*because[latitude] nm.

The definitions of the nautical mile, and of the meter, were at one time based on the dimensions of the Earth. The latter was once defined as 1/10,000,000 times the distance from the north pole to the equator along a line of longitude through Paris, France.

If the distance between degrees of latitude were 10,000 miles, the planet would be larger than the sun.

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69.1 english statute miles
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London, from ny

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