How Did The Telephone Help The Industrial Revolution?


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Communication was a significant problem during the industrial revolution. They used only letters by mail to communicate. After edison invented electricity many things sprung of the idea of electrical powered inventions. When alexander graham bell invented the telephone it was like an explosion of new options throughout the world beyond britain france and the united states.
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Telephone are used for emergencies. Like you can call to Ambulance.when you're in a dangerous place,  you don’t have Car or something, then you call to police, or call someone you know to com and get you. You can talk to people. You can also take a pictures or record. The telephone was invented in 1876, by a young man, his name is Alexander Graham. There are Telephones everywhere. Alexander Graham made it easy to talk with people a log way off. Telephones are the greatest invention. First of all, telephones has provided a fast phone call it’s easy to use. It is used for private and commercial use. And it has compact the distances and people can just communicate with each other in a couple of seconds. Without a telephone we can’t talk with our families. We would not know what could happen to somebody if there were no telephones. And with out a telephone Example like your son is not going to school or office then you have to go to there to say that my son can’t come today because he have sick. Now Alexander Graham invented the telephone now you don’t have to go to office/school we can just talk and it’s easy way to talk. You can message to your friends or family and this is the greatest invention. Telephones and Internet are the same but on internet you can find information you can send E-mail and you can play games etc.

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