Why Is The Light Bulb An Important Invention?


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The invention of the light bulb in the 19th century was a pretty big milestone for the human race, and light bulbs are still in use now - over two hundred years after they were invented.

Instead of relying on candlelight and oil lamps, the light bulb allowed us - for the first time- to light houses and streets in a way that was resistant to the elements.

Why Is The Light Bulb Better Than Naked Flames?
For a start, light bulbs are less of a fire-hazard. They're also more convenient, as they don't blow out when it's windy, they don't fizzle out when they get wet, and they don't run out of oil. This is why their invention meant that people were able to be a lot more productive than before, as they could work even when it got dark.

Light bulbs can also be used outside to light the streets, which meant crime-rates were lowered and the streets became safer at night.

Who Invented The Light Bulb?
Well, the invention of the light bulb is usually credited to Thomas Edison or Joseph Swan, but over 20 previous inventors of incandescent lamps have since been acknowledged. It's hard to say who exactly was first, as our knowledge of the timeline is a bit vague!

Thomas Edison's light bulb is usually considered to be the superior one, though, as it had a higher vacuum and more power.
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Because it provided safety from fire while earthen lamps or fire lit torches were in use. It helped bringing light at the places where fire cannot burn like in deep caves etc. Industrialization is also supported by it.
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when it is dark light bulbs helps us light the place

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It gives us brighter light than a candle would.

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