What Are The Top 5 Poorest States In The US?


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Living in the poorest state in America is not that bad a thing. Everything is cheaper in a poor state.  The top five poorest states are.
1.Mississippi Median Income $35,693
2.Arkansas Median Income $37,987
3.West Virginia Median Income $39,170
4.Tennessee Median Income $40,034
5.South Carolina Median Income $41,548
In the state of Mississippi, the average household earned a just $35,693 per year in the last two years and around 45% less than New Hampshire households.
Not surprisingly, it also had the highest poverty rate, with one in five households living under the poverty line and in the red.
Those statistics are of course disappointing but they also reveal that four of the wealthiest states were situated in the Northeast and, along with Maryland and Virginsia, form a tight cluster of wealth. Another such state is the New Jersey which had the second highest average income, at $64,918 and Connecticut ($64,644) was the third.
Meanwhile the United States of America’s South had nine of the lowest average income states with Arkansas ($37,987) and West Virginia ($39,170) closely trailing behind Mississippi. On the other hand some of the best places to live include twelve states including the District of Columbia, which recorded income gains. The state of Utah ran up the biggest score, $3,651 per household, a 6.4% increase while North Dakota had the biggest per cent rise, 7.6% to $49,759.
None of this data reflect regional or local cost differences, which can be of huge importance. A $50,000 salary in New Hampshire for example is roughly equivalent to one of $38,000 in Tupelo, Mississippi. A typical Mississippian earning $38,000 can live about as well as a typical New Yorker in pricey Manhattan with a $93,000 salary.
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The poorest states are (poorest first) Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Alabama. If you click here you can find the 10 poorest as well as the 10 richest, and other information.

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