How Big Is An 8mm Earring?


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An 8mm earring or ear gauge will not be very big once you put it into your ear. It will only measure about three eighths of an inch. Here is a link to Google images with some 8mm earrings so you can get a better idea of their size:
  • Ear gauges.
Ear gauges are fast becoming a popular fashion trend. There are pieces of jewelry, usually made of plastic that are worn in the ears and are designed to stretch the lobes. Their main function is to hold the ear lobe open once the stretching process has become. Once the ear has been stretched, it will begin to reduce in size without something holding it in place, so ear gauges are worn in order to maintain their size.

  • Size of ear gauges.
It can sometimes be confusing determining which size gauge you should go for, because a large number means that the gauge is smaller. The even numbers system is considered to be "steps" that should be followed when stretching ones ears. For example, a 4 gauge is larger than a 6 gauge but also smaller than a 2 gauge.

Once a person has reached 0 gauge or 8mm gauge, then the measurements continue in inches instead of mm.

  • How long does stretching take.
The actual process of inserting gauges into your ear depends on the size of the gauge that you want. If your ears have already been pierced then you can begin stretching them as soon as they have healed properly.

Once you move up a gauge size, it is recommended by piercing professionals that you wait at least a month before moving up to the next gauge size. If you skip this step and try to stretch them too quickly, then this can result in permanent damage being done to your ear.

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