Do You See A Person's Reaction To Something As Separate From Social Experience Or As A Result Of Social Experience?


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It could be suggested that a person's reaction to a particular event would be classed as both of these things. The reaction itself is separate to the social experience however it would not have occurred without the original social encounter.

  • Hypothetically speaking

Perhaps one of the best ways of looking at this would be with an analogy. If you were to imagine striking a match in order to light a candle, you would regard both the match and the candle as two entities separate from each other.

However - if you were to light the candle and create a flame, this would be as a result of the match. Although both objects are external to each other, the flame on the candle would not have been created if it was not for the match.

The same thought process could be applied to social experience, which can be broke down like this:

  • You experience an event in your social life (the match)
  • This experience generates a reaction within you (lighting the candle)
  • You react to the experience (the flame)

The two events or experiences occur separately to each other. However - without the metaphorical match there would be nothing for you to react to and therefore the reaction would not exist.

  • The answer can be subjective

Of course - a question like this is open to interpretation and this answer is only an opinion. But it is a great idea to look for other perspectives, collate them altogether and establish an opinion of your own on the topic.

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