Which Dish Detergent Gives The Most Bubbles?


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Dawn detergent is the dish soap that makes the most bubbles, according to a number of internet sources.

Whilst this might sound like an achievement to be proud of, there is a dangerous side to having lots of bubbles in your washing up!

What makes the bubbles in dish detergent?
The amount of bubbles that you see in your dish detergent is affected by two different types of compound:

  • Hydrophilic compounds, that are attracted to, and dissolve in water.
  • Lipophilic compounds, that dissolve in fats, oils and lipids.
These compounds interact and group together. In a detergent, they are central to the forming of the gas-filled bubbles of soap that we use to clean our dishes.

The number of molecules formed, and the level of surface friction between these molecules determines how 'bubbly' a detergent is.

In the case of Dawn detergent, it seems that this brand contains more molecules interacting with with each other (or with the surface of the water) than other brands.

Is a bubblier dish detergent better? Having more bubbles when you're doing your dishes is a good thing, right? Wrong! The more bubbles you have in your soapy sink, the greater the surface area bacteria have to land on.

Soap bubbles can harbor bacteria just like any other surface, and the whole point of washing your dishes is to eliminate the threat of bacteria.

Therefore, whilst dawn detergent might be the 'bubbliest' dish soap - that doesn't necessarily make it the best.
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According to my personal knowledge, Dawn dish detergent gives the most bubbles. It is also tested through various experiments and an interview was conducted, and many people suggested Dawn Dish Detergent.

They were of the opinion that nothing compares to the Dawn Detergent. Its efficiency can be increased by adding glycerin. The amount of it should be 25ml.
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