What Is Good For Sleep Or Nerves, Or Heart Beating Too Fast?


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Many things could be the cause. Are you well-hydrated? Is something bothering you? Are you anxious? Try some relaxation techniques such as reading before sleep, taking a warm bath, drinking some warm milk or other favorite drink.
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- Try lying in a comfortable bed in a cool, dark room with enough covers on to keep you warm enough to be completely comfortable. Shut your eyes and count backwards from at least 50. With each number take a slow, deep breath. Do this slowly and keep your breath even and the timing between breaths the same. When you exhale or breath out do it slowly and completely. Try to think only about your breath. If another thought comes into your mind, just gently push it away and go back to your counting and breathing. I wish you well. You might want to talk with your doctor also...learn more about anxiety and how to control it.
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There are many things that can cause you to not sleep well. Sleep Apnea is a big cause but it does not sound like what you are dealing with.

You mention nerves and a racing heartbeat. It may be that you have high blood pressure or a problem with your circulation that may be causing the problem. There are some things that can be done here but it is advisable to consult a physician before doing these. 1) Take an aspirin, real aspirin to thin the blood a bit and see if it helps. It may take a couple days but I have found that this has helped me. 2) try an over the counter sleep aid. Just remember that these are for occasional use as they can become addictive and when used for several nights in a row, can cause irritability.

I have also heard of ways to help are to get in a set pattern getting ready for bed. A routine so the body understands that it is now time to sleep. Also, go to bed at the same time each night (part of the routine). Do things like watch the news or read a book or something of the sort.
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fdjones has given all these wonderful examples that it's hard to add anything, but it could also be an anxiety attack that you are having. I think you should see your doctor for a complete work up.

Please be sure to let me know how you are doing.
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As jojoblu suggested after you see your doctor your may want to try an herbal calmative such as Valerian Root I find it to be a great calmative and sleep aid with no side effects. It can be taken on a daily bases, check with your doc also don't watch the evening news before bed much too stimulating and usually dreadful. Be well
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Thanks jojoblu, that one slipped my mind but yes, very much so, it can be an anxiety attack as well. Also depression.
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Long deep breaths and long periods of meditation or doing nothing but concentrating on the deep breaths.
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Avoiding caffeine and chocolate ... They're fun, but they are also stimulants.

If you're underweight, a good dose of food can knock you out for the night. Two carrot cupcakes will signal naptime for me. The food chosen should be suitable to your metabolism.

Ease back on whatever activity, pace yourself. If it's safe, sit down if you're standing up. If it's allowed, recline if sitting down doesn't handle it. It's better to sit down than fall down.

Concentrate on something other than the beating of your heart. Put on some music that's a little slower. Then switch to music that's slower yet. Then put on NPR . . . Hello sleep!
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i agree. it sounds to me like you could possibly have sleep apnea. i experienced similar problems. then i had a sleep study done and did find out that i do have sleep apnea. i stop breathing at night so i have a c-pap machine and i helps a great deal. you might consider asking your doctor about a sleep study. i hope this helps some also. good luck.

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