Where Is Uvula?


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Uvula is a small, conical, fleshy mass of tissue suspended from the center of the soft palate near the back of the throat. It is oval or tear drop shaped in appearance, although it often resembles the letter ‘U’ (hence the name). It is composed of connective tissue which contains a number of racemose glands and some muscular fibers.
The uvula’s main role is to stop food or liquid from entering the windpipe during swallowing and prevent chocking. Instead, it sends them to the oesophagus. It does it by using a muscle called ‘musculus uvuae’ which helps it to become rigid and change its shape when required to seal off the opening to the trachea.
Other important role of the uvula is related to articulating sounds of speech, together with the back throat and the air coming from the lungs it creates different sounds such as heavy breathing or even vibrato (in the case of professional singers). Another important function of the uvula is to ‘catch’ bacteria and illnesses known to enter the body by the digestive tract.
Even if not very common, a series of uvula affections can have a negative contribution to one’s health. The most common one is having a swollen uvula (uvulitis) which is mostly caused by dehydration in the mouth (excessive alcohol consumption), heavy smoking, viral infections, bacterial infections or even hot drinks consumptions. It is not a very serious affection and in most cases can easily be treated at home.
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The uvula is actually a tiny mass of muscle, which is veneered in mucous membrane and hangs down from the middle of the soft palate at the back of the mouth. The soft palate from which the uvula hangs, is a movable fold of tissue and amalgamating with the hard palate both folds of tissue together manage to form the roof of the mouth.

The literary comprehension of uvula is derived from the Latin word 'uva' or grape, which accurately describes the shape of the small mass of muscle. On occasional instances, if the throat is relaxed or infected, the uvula elongates a little more than its original size. As soon as the throat improves and the infection reduces, the uvula regains its original size.

Uvula is not only present in humans but also it is present in other animals too. Those animals, to whom sense of smell is exceptionally vital, the uvula is joined to the epiglottis. In man, there is a gap between the two and accidentally sometimes food could pass to the larynx or windpipe, causing enormous discomfort and sometimes can even lead to death.
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He's in someones throat   oh there he is, in mileys mouth
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It's the fleshy thing in the back of your throat that activates your gag reflex. Open your mouth wide and you'll see it hanging down.
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The uvula is that thing that shows when you open your mouth and stick your tongue out. It is the thing that hangs from inside back of your mouth. Hope this helps!

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