What Are The Examples Of Free Market Economy?


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Early America, before the Sherman Anti-trust Act was passed in 1890, was the closest this country came to a Free Market economy. Currently it is both a mixture of State central control/planning and free market capitalism, with less central control than most European countries. (Complete state control is called 'Communism' and is a very bad thing for everyone except those in power).
The best modern example of the Free Market in action on a national scale is Hong Kong, China.

America, Europe and Canada are all horrible examples of Free Markets.
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America and European countries are good examples of free market economies.
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Because in America and many other European countries you can see most of services and goods are offered by private companies. Even some companies are involved in critical defense sectors as well. In free economies all the sectors of the country are kept open for the participation of private players(companies etc.).
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I don't know what free market is

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