What Is C Def Infection?


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C Def stands for clostridium difficile, and this problem is particularly difficult for someone to cope with. The infection causes incredibly violent diarrhoea, and requires treatment through oral tablets. These are either vancomvcin or metronidazole.

The problem occurs when people take antibiotics which actually kill the healthy flora found within the colon, and the C Def takes over.

Clostridium difficile comes from Greek origins, as well as Latin. It is a species of gram-positive bacteria that’s found within the genus Clostridium. As well as diarrhoea, the bacteria can cause other intestinal diseases when the competing bacteria within the gut flora are completely wiped out by antibiotics used to treat other problems.

In an incredibly small amount of the adult population in America, C difficile bacteria generally resides within the gut. Other people can accidentally ingest spores of this kind of bacteria whilst they were patients in a hospital or other nursing facility, and then start suffering the same problems.

When the normal bacteria that are found within the gut are destroyed, which usually occurs after antibiotics like clindamvcin in particular, the gut gets overrun by this bacteria. It grows rapidly, and eventually overpopulation becomes an issue. The bacteria starts releasing toxins into your body which causes diarrhoea as mentioned, but also bloating and abdominal pain. This problem can become severe, and ultimately hospitalises a large amount of people that suffer with the problem.

A C def infection is one of the most common causes of another problem, pseudomembranous colitis. In rare cases, too, this can start progressing into toxic megacolon, which is a condition that is life-threatening. The latent symptoms of the c def infection include flu-like symptoms, as well as others. Mild cases of c def infection can be easily cured, however, by simply discontinuing the antibiotics that caused the problem in the first place. In many cases the body will eventually take control and deal with the issue itself, killing off the bacteria and getting the gut back to normal.
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I have not heard of c def but I have heard of c-diff or c-difficile.  C-diff is an infection of the gastro-intestinal tract.  We have natural occurring bacteria in our intestines and when they get out of balanced you can have an infection called c-diff.
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Who did you find that made a descion on how to treat this my son has many major factors with his health and was in a hospital for 2 months before they found the problem he lost 30 lbs. In a month and no food stayed in his body he was discharged from greenville memorial with this and they knew he had this but refused treatment.
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I was in the hospital with bacteria phnmonia and had so many antibiotic
I was there for 7 days ,the following tuesday I started with terrible
diaria .and lasted until they sent me home they took sample of my stool
I finished all my antibiotics , and had to get enough for three days I am
trying to eat yogurt ;   thank you yvonne swinson

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