How Do Pathogens Enter The Body By Direct Contact?


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Pathogens enter via open wounds, via the mucosal membranes and via inhalation or ingestion. If someone coughs on you and you swallow it, it will enter your body through your digestive tract and then it will be absorbed through your bloodstream. If you kiss someone and their saliva gets in your mouth, the pathogen will enter as described via the digestive system. Other ways are through body fluid exchanges, such as intercourse/ Another way that a pathogen enters is via the respiratory system (you inhale someone's cough or breath). Pathogens are harmful germs such as Virus, bactria, fungus, or Tuberculosis.
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1. Broken skin
2. Respiratory tract
3. Gastrointestinal tract (food)
4. Vectors - eg mosquito bites
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1. Droplet infection
2. Direct contact
3. Contaminated food and rink
4. Through a break in your skin
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Pathogen enter in the body through many routs. Following are some common routes used by these pathogen to enter in the body.
  1. Through Food
  2. Through Contact with the wounds
  3. By inhalation
  4. Through sex
  5. Blood transfusion
  6. Reuse of syringes
  7. Through intermediate host
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They can enter your body through many ways. One example is if somebody is ill and you have direct contact with the person and breath jerms and pathogens in. You will then get sick!

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