What Are The Disadvantages Of Population Growth?


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Population growth can have a number of disadvantages, and you only need to look at highly-populated countries like India and China to see what kind of challenges are associated with having an unmanageably high population.

What's wrong with population growth?
If you think about it, there's nothing actually wrong with population growth in itself.

It's when the rate of population growth goes up dramatically that problems arise, as the system that caters for that population will inevitably struggle to cope with a sudden influx of people.

It's a bit like living in a family:

Imagine there were 5 people in your family. You'd budget your income to make sure you had enough money to keep your family fed and clothed, and you'd make sure your house was big enough for all of you.

Now imagine 5 more people move in and rely on the same income, house-space etc... And all of a sudden, your family is struggling!

Population growth works like that, but on a bigger scale.

Countries have limited resources and facilities, and these are usually designed to cater for a specific number of people.

If that population suddenly grows substantially, the whole system needs a re-think to keep everyone living comfortably.

Things like food and property will become harder to find, too, because there will be more demand than supply, and this will create a very difficult environment.
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Population growth leads to the shortage of food and property.

In a country when the population is high, then the demand becomes larger than supply.

This leads to loss of lives and famine.
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if population increases there will be shortage of food , scarcity of food

for future generation

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