What Is The Good Effect Of Wind And The Bad Effect Of Wind?


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Positive (or good) effects of wind are pollination of plants, circulation of air (reduction of smog), movement of clouds (making it rain or snow in different regions) and thus helping cleans the air of pollutants.

Negative (or bad) effects of wind are tornadoes, hurricanes, movement of allergens (pollen, mold and such). It also causes waves in lakes and oceans (both good and bad) that can cause flooding and things.
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Wind is an environment friendly source of energy. It more or less works like a thermostat for the planet. Wind can be destructive when its speed increases.
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good-- windmills, wind turbines, helps us to keep cool, moves clouds, dry our clothes cleans the air, powers boats, powers hot air balloons, sports such as kites flying/boarding or wind surfing and waves

bad- going against a strong wind (friction), erosion, tornadoes and hurricanes=destruction and waves causing flooding xx

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