How To Prevent Poverty ?


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Poverty prevention can be done by eradicating the causes of poverty that is overpopulation, poor distribution of wealth, environmental degradation, poor educational and health facilities and reduction in unemployment. People living below poverty line need to be made aware of the advantages of population control, the circulation of money should be made sure in order to avoid the accumulation of wealth in few hands, people should be made aware of the options to get self sufficient and supportive.
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Poverty is the very big problem of undeveloped or 3rd world country, where every one is struggling for the basic needs of life. They don't even have a penny for eating food at one time. Many people die because of this poverty, because they don't have food to give some energy to their body.

If the government takes some good steps then this poverty can be easily removed. There should be a proper movement of money in the society. It should not happen that only one man is earning more and more money. When the money will circulate in the country then there will not be any poor person.

There should be sufficient recourses for a poor man to earn money for themselves. Government should make some criteria, that poor people become able to start their own work. If they will have some money then they can sell fruits and any other vegetable or food like burgers. If each and every person of the country will work and earn money then poverty can be removed easily. Government also have to control the inflation, because when poor people will spend all of their money on food and basic things like milk for children, then how their poverty will be removed. When the cost of the basic needs of life will be less then, it will be a big relief for the poor people.
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Donate to the poor and don't take things for granted its nice t share instead
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Poverty is one of the major causes that one country experiencing until now. But of course, every problem has a solutions. And I think ,we can prevent this poverty through helping each other, being patient in all the things we do and believing in once ability.
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Poverty is a state of not being able to meet up with your need. The issue of poverty has been a problem to many developing countries of the world and the causes are enormous, to mention but a few are the following, overpopulation, inequitable distribution of resources unemployment etc, people should be sensitize on the need for proper population control also, entreprenuership should be greatly encouraged so as curb the menace of poverty
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Ending poverty at first seems near impossible, with the global scale of the problem overwhelming and tragic. Many think that poverty exists because of the corruption of governments and the inability or unwillingness of the poor to work; this is very much not the case. Poverty depends on more factors than that, but ending poverty is not only manageable but also a real possibility in our lifetime.

Poverty persists in large part because of poverty traps, nearly impossible to escape but offering extreme increases in standard of living once out. Yet, it is beneficial for institutions or international aid efforts to focus on five key areas: Boosting agriculture, improving basic health, investing in education, bringing power, and providing clean water and sanitation. None of these requires deep resources, in fact many estimate that it would only cost between $50 and $100 per person a year, a number drastically reduced after the initial investment strengthening infrastructure and providing resources to raise themselves out of poverty.

At the same time, greater structural changes must occur to support these individuals with the education, resources, and lack of appropriate jobs. Multi-level efforts are necessary for long-lasting poverty reduction and true change; focusing only on individuals will not lead to lasting change, while focusing only on structural problems will not lead to lasting change either. Yet, with the increased standard of living within villages beset with poverty, new trade regions open up with more opportunities to trade, slowly easing the difficulty of structural problems, including job creation.

The Millennium Villages project was founded to prove that fighting poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals was, in fact, possible. Implementing the policies used on the village level on the district level will allow for spread of these ideas across countries, and Africa. The strategies used follow, for the most part, the “Big Five” key areas in ending poverty. Following a five year model, their key activities are designed to significantly increase standard of living and reduce poverty over that period of time.

The Borgen Project is a great resource for learning more about poverty alleviation, as well as about international aid and development.
First thing first is what is poverty,how can it be prevented,is there any means of stopping it,what are the impact of porvety,how do one individual experience this poverty,is the any way that can it be precluded form affecting many people,How do one individual solve problems,or avoid this legend killer,What is the duty of the Government,State,Government officials and what is the duty,What is the duty of the society as people in the try to find all the problems that poverty can bring and have solutions to them you will then preventing poverty.
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That is such a good outcome of poverty! You really helped me wiht my homework and really made me realize what poverty really is! Thankyou!! =)xxxooo
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By giving employment opportunities,motivate nations to save and to work any kind of work,rich countries can invest it's money in other countries to acquire more resources and those countries can get benefit from the richer ones that they will employ their unemployment people,educational facilities

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