How Did The Wright Brothers' Airplane Impact Upon The World?


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On December 17th 1903, the Wright brothers managed to get their 'flying machine' off the ground - for a total of 12 seconds.

Although the flight was brief, the impact on the world was extraordinary.

Rather than 'inventing' flight, I'd say that the Wright brothers' biggest contribution was that they managed to captivate the world - and to encourage researchers and scientists to improve upon their invention.

What did the Wright Brothers ever do for us? The Wright Brothers are credited with inventing the first, "manned, powered, heavier-than-air and (to some degree) controlled-flight aircraft".

After their maiden-flight, the brothers were featured in only three newspapers (not exactly overnight fame) - but once the world caught on to the magnitude of their invention, and the possibilities that controlled flight would bring, they became celebrities.

The Wright Brothers inspired various scientists to explore the realm of aviation, and they are the reason that the 20th century saw a turning point in terms of communication, logistics, travel, and air-warfare - and even space travel!
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It helped the world in a sense of communication, travel, trade, economics, military horribleness, and it most likely sparked the idea for flight for vacation.
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It helped with the military and the economy.
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It introduced powered flight to the world.

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