Why Should Boys And Girls Be Treated Equally?


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Boys and girls should be treated equally because previously the dynamics of our society were based on male dominance. Now the trend is being changed rapidly. Both boys and girls are respectable citizens of our society and have equal respect and rights. There can be some differences in their responsibilities in our society but we can not grade them first or second degree citizens on these bases. So, Both boys and girls should be treated equally on the bases of respect and citizenship but differences only in case of responsibilities. E.g. You can not give a job where lot of power is required like pulling or pushing of machinery or carrying heavy weights etc.
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I agree the neither can be regarded as second class citizens'. But isn't life better when the man is looking after you and supporting you. I much prefer my man earning more money then me, opening car doors, paying for meals and paying me complements. Whilst I look after him. I never burnt my bra ! Not that I don't agree in some jobs and looking after children we are equal. Women are too emotional if we are truly honest, at least men are consistently annoying lol !

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