How Much Blood Does The Human Heart Pump A Day?


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An average human heart pumps 1,900 gallons (7,200 litres) of blood around the body per day. The source of this information was and was written by a doctor, and so is fairly reliable. The volume of blood pumped around the body in any period of time is calculable is you know the heart rate and the stroke volume. This value (stroke volume times heart rate) is called cardiac output, and is how much blood is pumped per unit time. The average human has roughly five litres of blood in their body, but the blood has to pass through the heart twice to make one full circuit of the circulatory system. (Once in to the right atrium from a major vein such as the vena cava, then through the pulmonary artery to the lungs via the right ventricle, then back into the left atrium via the pulmonary vein, and then out the aorta from the left ventricle. From there it goes through the body and comes back to the lungs from a major vein.) Consequently, blood will make on average 720 "laps" of your body a day, and blood plasma (the watery constituent of blood) will pass once fully around the body in just two minutes! Of course, these values are just averages and so are not representative of the total population, for example there will be differences in these statistics between men and women, or between adults and children. The above figures are statistics for an average healthy adult.
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These are approximations but the heart pumps heart pumps around 74 gallons in one hour and about 1800 gallons in a 24 hour period.
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The body contains about 5 quarts of blood, but the heart will pump about 2000 gallons (7,571 liters) of blood through it per day
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In litres, the heart pumps about 5 litres/minute of blood - Therefore, in a 24 hour period, the amount of blood pumped is approx. 7200litres/day
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The blood pumps out about 0.07 liters of blood for every beat. Now, if a person's heart beats about 70 times in a minute, the amount of blood that his heart would pump would be:
0.07x70=4.9 liters

If the heart pumps out 4.9 liters blood in a minute, in an hour, it would pump out:
4.9x60=294 liters

Since there are 24 hours in a day, the total amount of blood pumped in a day would be:
294x24=7056 liters

So, the amount of blood pumped by the heart in a day is approximately 7056 liters.
Hope this helps!
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On an average the heart pumps about 6000 to 7500 liters blood daily
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If your heart beats average of 75 times in a minute,then heart pumps around 1800 gallons in a 24 hour.
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The heart pumps about 20 liter's of blood per minute, my math is bad but I would say 96,800 litres per day
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A human body contains approximately 6 quarts (or 5.6 liters) of blood. In a single day, the heart pumps the body's supply of blood, approximately, 5 quarts ( 4.7 liters) in an average adult.
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The heart is a remarkable and dependable little pump. If your heart beats an average of 75 times a minute, it will pump more than 6,800 litres of blood in a day.

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