Are There Any Famous People Who Live In Oregon?


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The great state of Oregon has a number of famous people living within its borders.

It is thought that Harrison Ford owns a place in the Willamette Valley, and Johnny Depp has a home in the Medford area.

Matt Groening (the creator of The Simpsons TV series) comes from Portland and also lives in the vicinity.

Famous people of Oregon
It can be difficult to tell where famous people live these days. They are notoriously secretive about their private life, and they also usually own a number of different properties.

These two factors make it difficult to say exactly which famous people live in Oregon at the moment.

However, you can be pretty sure that most of the NBA stars that play for the Portland Trail Blazers live in Oregon, including 2012 MVP Damian Lillard.

Phil Knight, founder of Nike (the sportswear brand) is also a citizen of Oregon.

As far as famous people that have come out of Oregon over the years, the list is long and does the state proud.

It includes people like sports stars Ronnie Brewer and Derek Anderson through to author Raymond Carver and theoretical physicist Mendel Sachs.
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  • The writers Beverly Cleary and Phyllis McGinley,
  • the statesman Mark Hatfield,
  • the actor Howard Hesseman,
  • the singer Chad Mitchell,
  • the chemist Linus Carl Pauling,
  • the cartoon painter Matt Groening,
  • the actress Sally Struthers
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