A 100 Watt Bulb Is How Many Amps?


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I have a lizard tank with 2 100 watt spotlight bulbs in. They keep blowing which is hitting the pocket. I have checked the plugs....1 has a 5amp and the other a 13amp, other than that the wiring at the plugs seem fine so I'm not certain what the prob is. Ive tried check over the net but not been successful which is why I'm on here. Can anyone help without the confusion off '100w/120vs= 0.8832amps' etc.... Please! Lol ...thanks :)
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100 watt bulb draw 1.2 amps. This is how you calculate that. Use OHMs law. Power (wattage) is amps multiplied by voltage. To calculate current (amps) You take your wattage divide it by your voltage.
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You need this formula:
Watts = Amps * Volts
100 watts = x amps * 120 volts

100 watts / 120 volts = ~.83 amps

Or you can manage the amps by testing it with a test equipment.
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Here you can do this by watts dividing by volts.

Here is  a formula :


Try this ohms law calculator app through which you can easily came to know about the calculations of voltage,current and resistance.

Hope that helped..!

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