What Is Reading As A Physiological Process?


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Reading is a physiological process as your brain needs to react to what is on the page. It is the thinking and alertness of the brain that is used to process the words that are on a page or screen when you read. Whilst you are alert and thinking, the brain is working at full capacity, but even at rest it is performing physiological functions to keep us alive and keep us breathing. Our body is constantly performing physiological tasks, most of the time we are not aware of the reactions within our body that our brain and nervous system are causing.

Reading also uses motor sensors to move your eyes across the page, this is all done by your brain making your optic nerve move and work to read the words on the page. These are all physiological reactions to what is going on, therefore making reading a physiological process. Most of the things that our bodies do, in particular the reactive things that our bodies do are predominantly physiological. This is where our brain processes signals so that we can react to perform a function. All of these communications are made through electrical impulses within our bodies. These electrical impulses are transferred from the brain to different parts of the body through our nervous system. These communications happen so quickly that we do not notice the signals being sent and received.

These signals are then received by the motor nerves that make us move. In the case of reading, the optic nerves in our eyes that do the reading. This is then sent back to the brain through another series of signals through our nervous system so that they can be processed and we can read.
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SIMPLY because, it involves thinking and alertness of the brain through visual by going through the optic nerve that transfer the light into the visual cortex located in the occipital lobe...
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Using your imagination,and the learning process
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Reading is not just reading. Its reading with apprehending.

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