What Are The Methods And Ways Of Communicating That Support Equality And Diversity?


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Communication is essential to the understanding and supporting of equality and diversity. There are a number of methods of communication that can be used to send this message across.

These methods will vary depending on the audience and circumstances but may include; presentations, interactive discussions and non-verbal communication. Each method can be used singularly or together with others to find the best way to communicate in a way that supports equality and diversity.

  • Presentations
Presentations are a good method of communicating to a group of workers or to a group of students. This type of communication allows a speaker to express the views of the workplace or school about equality and diversity in detail and put the message across without interruption. Speakers can then open the floor to questions and queries.

  • Interactive discussions
When trying to communicate in a way that supports equality and diversity with a smaller group, interactive discussions are an effective way to make sure that everyone understands the message that is being put across. Giving the listeners a chance to participate, allows them to ensure that they understand the policies of equality and diversity and can query any concerns they have as they go along.

  • Non-verbal communication
Following on from presentations and/or interactive discussions, non-verbal communication, such as posters and signs, allow a continuation of the message.

Reminders to staff about the equality and diversity policies within the workplace can be advertised across the office. These non-verbal communications should, hopefully, reduce the need to have further meetings and discussions about it.

It is essential that people working together adhere to the same principles about equality and diversity. Communicating these messages effectively is the best way to ensure that everyone can understand and support the ideas.

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