If The Temperature Of Body Fluctuates, Does It Indicate Symptom Of Any Disease?


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Everyone's body temperature fluctuates, and everyone has their own 'normal temperature'. 98.6 is a general avg. Body temp. Mine runs about 97.3 normally but it fluctuates throughout the day and is also affected by activity. So... No, fluctuation in body temperature without any other symptoms, are not indicative of any disease.
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Sometimes women's temperature fluctuates when they ovulate also when you get your period too unless you have the start of a cold/flu
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A stable low temp (in the 97ยบ range) often indicate a hypothyroid state, while rapidly fluctuating temperatures may indicate a hypo-adrenal state.  Body temperature fluctuates throughout the day and is affected by time of day, what you eat, emotions, and mundane activities like climbing stairs. To get a true picture of your body's temperature, get a digital (non-mercury, under the tongue-style) glass thermometre and take your temp 3 times a day for a minimum of 10 days. Do the first reading 3 hours AFTER you wake up and then again every 3 hours until you have taken it 3 times that day (do not repeat a reading, each reading will get higher so only do ONE reading each time). Add the 3 daily figures up, divide by 3 and that is your average temp for that day. After 10 days you will clearly see your actual temperature state -- and then, once you know what you are looking at, go looking answers based on this accurate picture of your state.

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