Are Paramecium Harmful Or Helpful?


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Paramecium can be harmful to some humans, whilst to others they can actually be beneficial or have no effect at all. 'How can that be?' I hear you asking; it's all about the relationship between humans and paramecium. I'll explain in a bit more detail why this is...

The relationship between humans and paramecium

  • Paramecium can destroy a certain type of fungi, so when they find themselves within a body which contains this fungus the paramecium go to town and destroy it for us. How very thoughtful!
  • Unfortunately, to some humans certain types of paramecium can be harmful as they can spread disease and throw the body all out of balance. The human body isn't an ideal host for paramecium, though, so it isn't very common that they set up camp there.
  • Thankfully, for most people most types of paramecium are completely harmless, and we often encounter them without even realising. Panic over!
  • They also perform other roles which humans benefit from, too, like cleaning up our waterways. They help to manage the bacteria and algae in water, making them cleaner and therefore safer for us to consume.

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